Born into an ex-cellar of a gloomy and loser town in the wild Cuneo, Treehorn is a trio made by drums, guitar and bass / vocals. Since 2008 they have been known in Italy and France, earning the reputation as one of the bands with the most powerful impact live. 
Treehorn's sound comes from “Touch And Go” school, mixed with various influences, such as post / hc, stoner and blues that make their groove hard to classify.

In April 2011 they release their first full length album Hearth, produced by Escape From Today Records and Riff Records (Italy), and A Tant Rever
Du Roi and Swarm Records (France). The album was recorded at Blue Record Studio in Mondovi (CN), by Massimiliano Moccia, sound engineer of Uzeda, Three Second Kiss, Fuh and Dead Elephant among others; the master session has been done by Bob Weston (Shellac) at his Chicago Mastering Studios.

Recorded and mixed exclusively in analog way, "Hearth" has in just 40 minutes 8 tracks that dig from earth to heart.
Brunches stuck in the skull, blessings, bites to cancer, wired tendons. Roads become mirrors, waiting for entry into the purgatory. This is "Hearth”.